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A short selection of our services

Branding and Corporate Identity

* Branding
* Print Design
* Trade Show Design
* Brand Strategy Consultation
* Logo and Icon Design
* Illustration

Web Design

* Website Design
* User Interface Design
* Site Architecture
* Cross Browser Support
* Flash Design
* Flash/XML Development
* Content Management

Web Marketing

* Search Engine Marketing
* Search Engine Optimization
* Copywriting
* Web Content Enrichment
* Eblast or HTML E-mail Marketing
* Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management



Not only web design!


Here at Wizard, we specialize in an assortment of web and design-related produces and services.
We concentrate on three principle areas of expertise:

branding and corporate identity, web design & web development, and search marketing.


The right stuff to get the job done.


Developing a clean, functional website can utilize only a few of these services, or all of them, depending on the complexity and total functionality requested for the site. To get a better idea of how some of these services might fit into the building or maintaining of your future website, visit our web 101 page. We at Frye / Wiles support a number of industry-standard, open technologies. Below is a list of some of them.


Branding and Corporate Identity Design

Brand is your customer's perception of your company. This is more than a logo, it's more than a website or printed materials, it is the entirety of your communication with the world. That seems lofty, and it is - how people perceive your company directly affects your sales, your reputation and ultimately your bottom line.

Building an effective brand should come about naturally from the strengths of your business. It starts with a clear understanding of your business and the advantages you will promote for your business in the marketplace. This is based on what unique value you offer your clientele and how that value is distinguished from the competition.

As soon as you've identified what sets your business apart from the rest, it's important to develop a corporate identity, including a logo and graphic language, that will communicate who you are as a company. At Wizard, we generally approach branding in relation to web development - what we like to call Webcentric Branding. In our opinion, the web is the core of advertising for a forward-looking company, and the brand development should be done with that in mind.


Let Wizard help effectively match your brand with a world-class identity to complete the overall 'look' of your company.