Here at Wizard, we specialize in an assortment of web and design-related produces and services. We concentrate on three principle areas of expertise...

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The creative minds of the Wizard programming team are always developing new web technologies. We look for new ways to create useful applications...



We have partnered with a number of online advertising, ecommerce products and services, and transaction-facility providers to enhance our offering to you.


Wizard is a results-oriented Web Design, Internet Marketing, Branding and Creative Design Firm.

wizard is a result-oriented web design firm

We're a creative agency that does everything from branding & identity, to website design & web development, to custom web stores & web applications.

Located in a little town near Milan, Wizard services clients all over the world in cities like Milan, Amsterdam and London in Europe, Quebeq and Ontario, the Greater Japan, the bright Australia, anywhere in the United States, all regions of Earth, and parts of southern Mercury. So, if you're looking for website development or design services, we've pretty much got you covered. Feel free to poke around our website and contact us to see how our award winning web design and development services can improve your business.